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Worker's Rights

Curtis Jones Jr. is a strong ally of organized labor and has been advocating for workers' rights and protections. He has been instrumental in negotiating contracts and raises for airport workers, Septa Police Workers, TWU, DC 33/47, and W Hotel workers. He has also introduced and supported various pieces of legislation aimed at promoting fair workplaces and opportunities for employees, including the Ban the Box Law, Fair Chance Hiring Act, Fair Work Week Legislation, and Paid Sick Leave Legislation. His efforts helped over 3,000 families in the community.

On the issue of worker's rights and protections, Curtis Jones Jr. has:
◦ Fighting for living wages for airport workers x2 (3,000 workers = 3,000 families helped)
◦ Negotiating Septa Police Workers Raises
◦ Negotiating Contracts for TWU x2
◦ Negotiating Contracts for DC 33/47 (refused to vote on the last budget un
til workers got a raise)
◦ Negotiating Contract for W Hotel (would not finalize contract until Unite Here workers received labor peace)
◦ Introducing and supporting legislation that promotes fair workplaces and opportunities for employees:
◦ Ban the Box Law / Fair Chance Hiring Act (Introduced)
◦ Fair Work Week Legislation (Co-Sponsor)
◦ Paid Sick Leave Legislation (Co-Sponsor)

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