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Misty Morning

Environmental Protections

Manatawna Farm

Curtis Jones Jr. displayed remarkable leadership and determination when he prevented the Department of Parks and Recreation from converting a five-acre hayfield used by W.B. Saul High School into urban farmland for profit in 2010. With his unwavering commitment to protecting the environment, he stood up against a proposal that would have had negative impacts on the surrounding community and the school. Through his bold action, he demonstrated his dedication to preserving open spaces and providing educational opportunities for future generations. He exemplified the qualities of a true public servant, working tirelessly to serve the needs of his constituents and enhance the quality of life in his community.

Walnut Lane Golf Course

Curtis Jones Jr. demonstrated his commitment to preserving the environment by successfully stopping a proposal by the city to dismantle the beloved Walnut Lane Golf Course. With his tireless efforts, Curtis Jones, Jr. ensured that this iconic location would remain intact and continue to serve as a vital resource for the community. In 2008, he stood up against the city's proposal. He fought to preserve the Walnut Lane Golf Course, demonstrating his dedication to environmental protection and willingness to take bold action when it matters most. Curtis Jones, Jr's efforts have had a lasting impact on the community, and the Walnut Lane Golf Course will continue to serve as a testament to his commitment to preserving the environment for future generations.

Cobbs Creek Golf Course

Curtis Jones Jr. negotiated a successful community benefits agreement for the lease of a golf course to the Cobbs Creeks Foundation, resulting in a $20 million renovation. The improvements included better barriers, repaired sidewalks, a first-class restaurant, a sponsored golf team, and internships in golf course management. This agreement showcases Curtis Jones Jr.'s commitment to creating positive impact for his community.

Daylighting of Indian Creek in Morris Park

Curtis Jones Jr. has taken a visionary approach to environmental protection with his support for the daylighting of Indian Creek in Morris Park. This innovative project exposes previously buried waterways, that created new opportunities for recreation and environmental revitalization. As the 4th District Councilman, Curtis Jones Jr. played a critical role in securing city support for this project. According to research, the daylighting of Indian Creek is expected to bring numerous benefits to the community, including a boost in property values for neighboring residents. Under Curtis Jones Jr.'s leadership, this project serves as a prime example of the impact that can be achieved when government, community, and the environment come together. 

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