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Mamba Mural Dedication

The Mamba and Mambacita Foundation, Nancy Lieberman Charities, and Philadelphia Parks & Recreation dedicated a beautiful mural and remodeled court in honor of the late Kobe and Gianna Bryant.

The Mamba and Mambacita Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to promote the importance of education and life skills in the lives of children through basketball. The foundation was created by NBA star Kobe Bryant in 2007 as a way to inspire youth through sports while also providing them with an opportunity to learn about life at an early age. The Mamba and Mambacita Foundation has done great work in the community and is an organization that we are proud to support. We hope you will join us in our efforts to promote education, sportsmanship, and life skills through basketball!

this mural was painted by artists Muhammad and Gabe Tiberino, who has worked on many other murals throughout the city. The mural will be hanging for years to come at Tustin Park High School in West Philadelphia.

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