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Block Captain Bootcamp

This was the first year back since the pandemic began. This was the 13 annual Block Captain Boot Camp. This event was held at the Overbrook High School for the Blind. There were over 200 block captains and 35 vendors that attended the event. This event was to teach new and old block captains on updates rules, give out resources, etc.

The event started by having all of our block captains come together and introduce themselves to each other and share their stories about their block captain positions and how they got involved in this program. After hearing everyone's stories, we had a short presentation where we discussed what we do as block captains and why it is important to those who are going through this time of uncertainty in our community.

After that, everyone listened as leaders from different organizations spoke about their organization's mission statement or purpose as well as what they do within their organization to help make a difference in our local communities during this time of need.

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